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Yearly Membership is $19.84 per year. You can also purchase playlists A LA CARTE for

$1.99 per list --- Click on MEMBERSHIP to be taken directly to the MEMBERSHIP PAGE  

& sign up!! Access to all content by becoming a Member.


Creating a The Bible Of Party Music is not easy. It requires tons of input from many

different experts with new points of view. Feel free to contact us if you want to join

the team and become a contributor. Click CONTACT.


There are currently 63 Genres of music to help you sort the large collection of music. It is not

the end--all-be-all classification. We actually hate labels, but hopefully it allows you to find songs you love much easier! Click GENRES to explore all the music we have provided.

Music from other countries will be available on the site very soon.


It's your favorite artists, but not the obvious track... You have to dig deep for the GEMS.

The Musical Magicians share their secrets, right here in the GEMS section.

If you are a music lover this is the page for you.....

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