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You might ask why?

Well, we put together 69 of the most insane playlists ever assembled on the world wide web and we want to share them with you.

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Start with your favorite genre.

Or your favorite decade

But after you "dig in the playlists" a bit -- 


Qualifications for the way we sorted the music:

  • HIPHOP -

    • BREAKBEATS - Simple, this is a compilation of the legendary - Ultimate Breaks and Beats series - DJs will know what that is. If you want more info, click this link ---  WIKIPEDIA

    • CLASSICS - the foundations of Hip-hop. These songs will be where either Hip-hop songs have been sampled from or could be sampled. Funk has its own section,  and so does Northern Soul. This is the remaining songs that are not a part of those two genres.

    • FUNK, JAZZ, NORTHERN SOUL - All these genres are very subjective. Lets say songs that sound like James Brown and Parliament will be in Funk. JAZZ contains all improvised music that  is either dance, mainstream, or soft Jazz. Northern Soul is the soul music made popular in nightclubs in England in the early 70s

    • WEST COAST - that's where you will find your Dr Dre, Cypress, E-40, and Pharcyde. All from California. West Coasts gets its own section, cause we wanted to save you time looking through the 3k hip-hop tracks for your west coast fix

  • R&B - this has all your popular dance bangers and slow jams that have the signature boom bap of drum and snare and soulful vocals that usually are singing about joy, pain, sunshine, and rain.... We broke this out by decade.​

  • ROCK- Guitar driven music
    •  There are 8 styles of rock that we gave their own category. If you want to discuss how we defined these categories, feel free to drop us a line ---- CONTACT
  • HOUSE - That is our dance music section driven by BASS on all 4 beats (four to the floor).
    • TECH/DEEP - Less vocals. Heavy electronic melodies. Deep basslines​
    • CLASSICS - These are the groundbreaking songs that helped push house to new levels. It does not need to be old to be a classic. These songs are the songs that made people lose their minds.
    • COMMERCIAL - The type of dance songs that crossover onto the radio. More singing type tracks.
    • GROOVY/SOULFUL - this is characterized with instruments like sax, mute horn, flute, piano and smooth vocals. Masters at Work. 
    • NEW YORK HARD - this is a special genre that people who went to clubs like Sound Factory, Palladium, Twilo, Pacha, and The Deep would know. If you are unsure of the sound give it a listen. Danny Tenaglia and Razor and Guido. And of course Junior Vasquez.
    • PROGRESSIVE - More electronic. Harder. Trance. 
    • ELECTRO/EDM - Big room. Crowd moving electronic driven dance music.
    • DISCO - The roots of house.
  • The rest of the GENRES do not fit into these 4 categories ---- They have their own sound and hopefully you find genres that you have not heard and want to explore.​


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